Stainless Steel 304 Pipe Manufacturer Process

December 8, 2020 /

In the nineteenth century, rolling mill technology was the only method to produce stainless steel 304 pipes for industrial purposes—this rolling technique required long-standing procedures. The sheet’s rolled strips were shaped into a circular cross-section with the aid of the funnel rolls. Lap welding was then performed on these rolled strips via the forge welding process.

Fortunately, with the advent of growth and technology, numerous processes have come into existence for stainless steel 304 pipe. Nowadays, stainless steel pipes are made by continuous tube mills using multi-touch Inert Tungsten gas. The metal or forge welding method of the filler is not used in this technique.

Steel Pipe Production Process

Rolling and welding

In the first place, the stainless steel strips are designed to undergo numerous quality tests and are trimmed at the edges. They are then fed to the stainless steel 304 pipe manufacturer. The strips move through the number of rollers, depending on the size required. In the tube mill, the strip is progressively shaped into a tubular shape. The welding machine is then used for welding the edges of the strip using the TIG welding technique. The scraps and inside of the welding bead are removed instantaneously by the Tibo unit. Rolled pipes and tubes are shaped in this way.

The cleaning and heating phase

The rolled stainless steel 304 pipe thus developed is cut to the necessary lengths, depending on the industrial demand. These stainless pipes are then cleaned to remove the soil. In addition, these rolled pipes are heat-treated to eliminate tension due to welding and forming processes. Heat treatment is applied to a continuously rolling hearth furnace. The furnace is equipped with temperature recorders and controls.

Finishing process

The ss 304 pipes are then subjected to washing, heat treatment, pickling, and straightening. The computerized inkjet labelling machine is used to mark the finished pipes. The pipe shall be labelled with a grade of material, size, heat number, and third party inspection stamp before it is forwarded to stainless steel pipe exporters. Certain tests and quality checks shall be carried out on the stainless tubes or pipes thus made. This process is accompanied by proper packaging and dispatching by ss 304 pipe manufacturer. Numerous applications of stainless steel pipes are available; these pipes and tubes are used thereafter.

Cold- drawing process

In certain cases, the appropriate size cannot be obtained directly from the mill. The cold operation method can then be used to achieve the desired size. The tubes or pipes are coated with oxalic and soap solution in the cold drawing process. This solution serves as a lubricant to minimize friction during cold drawing activity. During the cold drawing process, stainless steel 304 pipe is drawn over the bench using Die plugs.

Of course, one can easily imagine the strength of stainless steel when it comes to industrial use. Needless to say, this alloy is actually made available in versions of the variant.


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