Uses Of Stainless Steel 316 pipe In Different Industries

March 1, 2021 /

Stainless steel 316 pipes are made of solid chromium or, preferably, a nickel and chromium combination. Appropriate alloys for this form of pipe fitting originate in the ferrite and austenitic families. This type of pipe will be commonly beneficial for high-temperature or corrosive applications and high-pressure environments. Being a versatile material, it is first used for cutlery and soon moved to the chemical industry as it has corrosion-resistant characteristics. This corrosion resistance is still serving as of great importance and slowly but steadily, the mechanical characteristics of the materials that are being recognized. Here are the typical applications of stainless steel in various industries.

Kitchenware and Cutlery Industry

The most popular application of stainless steel since the olden period is the cutlery and kitchenware. The finest cutlery is used especially to produce 410 and 420 knives and grade 304. It is composed of 18/8 stainless and 18% of chromium, and 8% of nickel. When you look at the spoons and forks, you can find the presence of this steel commonly. You can also find them in the hardened and tempered with other different grades so that the knife blades will take the sharp edge. On the other hand, the more ductile 18/8 stainless will be easy to work. Therefore, it is more highly suitable for objects with numerous buffing, shaping, and grinding processes.

Chemical Processing, Oil, And Gas Industry

The most demanding industry with this steel is the chemical, processing, oil, and gas industry that have a massive market for stainless tanks, pipes, pumps, and valves. One of the significant successes of steel is that it is used to store dilute nitric acid. It could be used in any thinner sections because it is robust than any other materials. The particular grade of stainless has been developed to have more excellent corrosion resistance at a broad range of temperatures. It is also used in desalination plants, offshore oil rigs, sewage plants, harbour support, and ship propellers.

Food Production Industry

A large amount of stainless steel 316 pipes are commonly used in food production and storage. Most often, the grades are 304 and 316 to employ in this field. Typically, 316 is the workhorse grade, where 304 are commonly employed in the harsher environment. An essential reason for using stainless steel is not so much the food itself corrosiveness and that stainless use will allow for efficient and faster cleaning. For instance, ice production 3016 is specific so that the vigorous anti-bacteriological cleaning and tinning system can be used. One of the significant advantages of the stainless steel 316 is that it imparts no taste to the food it comes into contact with.

Medical Applications

Especially clean melted stainless is used for the medical implants and the artificial hips for the patients. Many medical pieces of equipment like orthopedic beds, examination machines, and cabinets are used with the standard stainless steel due to their hygienic and easy-clean qualities. The pharmaceutical companies will employ stainless for the pill funnels and the hoppers and for piping the solutions and creams.

Automotive Parts Manufacturing Industry

The application of stainless steel is widely increasing in the automotive industry. Primarily the exhaust system and catalytic converters need the application of stainless steel. With greater attention being made to achieve low-term maintenance cost, less environmental impact, and more significant concern with the price, stainless steel application becomes undeniable.

The Bottom Line

Thus, you have gone through the crucial applications of stainless steel concerning various industries. Understand the type and nature of the stainless steel you choose to enjoy the good benefits from them. Application of the wrong material will not lead to good results.


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